I work as an independent researcher and consultant on gender and environmental issues.


With thirty five years experience of academic research, teaching and management, and twenty years experience of volunteering in women's organisations, I now work independently on projects which will advance environmental and gender justice.


It is my deeply held belief that there can be no solutions to environmental problems without addressing social injustices, and that social and environmental problems, and their solutions, need to be understood as interconnected.


October 2020

Interviewed by Claudia Bruno for the Italian online journal 'In Genere' - Il clima visto da
una femminista

July 2020 - Gender and Environment

The completely revised 2nd edition of Gender and Environment was published. See Book publications page for more detail.

Zoom panels

She is (Still) Sustainable,how we can support ourselves and each other to work in the sustainability field (April 2020)

Ecofeminism panel: gender, justice and planetary health, UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health (May 2020)

National Policy Forum: Defend and Develop Socialist Policies on Environment, for The COSMOS - a concept of socialist ideas, serious discussion and campaigns (June 2020)

Joined the Advisory Boards of

Cambridge Women's Resource Centre


January 2020 - Women's Empowerment in Ocean Science

I begun my expert consultancy with the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden - advising on women's empowerment in ocean science. 2021-2030 is the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and the WMU are focusing on women's empowerment and gender equality as a core element of this. See Projects pages for more details.  

Saturday January 11th - True Tales for Change - a project for a fairer future

What does it feel like to be a vulnerable person in an unassailable place? 'True Tales for Change' harnesses the power of people's stories - the people whose voices are not usually heard. I presented the context of exclusion in Cambridge - the most economically divided city in the UK - drawing on more conventional research. But research is never neutral: I emphasised the importance for this kind of research to go beyond the statistics, and for researchers, artists, community activists and residents to work together in common cause to reduce inequality.

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