I work as an independent researcher and consultant on gender and environmental issues.


With thirty years experience of academic research, teaching and management, and fifteen years experience of volunteering in women's organisations, I now work independently on projects which will advance environmental and gender justice.


It is my deeply held belief that there can be no solutions to environmental problems without addressing social injustices, and that social and environmental problems, and their solutions, need to be understood as interconnected.


Freud Museum, London: Intraplaces - dialogues without words

Saturday 15 September 2018: 2.00pm - 3.00pm

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Artist Elena Cologni in conversation with author Susan Buckingham, whose research and publications address gender and environmental issues. This follows the Round Table with Elena Cologni on NOMADIC AND DIALOGIC: ART AND ECOFEMINISM at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. (October 2017)

The SAGE Handbook of Nature, edited by Terry Marsden, 2018

Susan has curated part VIII on Gendered Natures and Ecofeminism, including an introduction to chapters by Seema Arora-Jonsson, Joane Nagel, Niamh Moore, and Mary Mellor. 

Launch of new initiative for the journal Local Environment: 'Translations: an occasional series' 

Brings non-English language key writing on sustainability and environmental justice to an English speaking audience.

Why Women Will Save the Planet

In March 2018, Susan chaired the launch event of this book Friends of the Earth have published with C40 Cities, hosted by WEN and FoE.

'Understanding Climate Change through Gender Relations' published in May 2017 

Chapters from across the world explore how effectively women are involved in climate change, why they should be, and why a more nuanced understanding of gender is needed.

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