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I work as an independent researcher and consultant on gender and environmental issues.


With forty years experience of academic research, teaching and management, and over twenty years experience of volunteering in women's and environmental organisations, I now work independently on projects which will advance environmental and gender justice.


It is my deeply held belief that there can be no solutions to environmental problems without addressing social injustices, and that social and environmental problems, and their solutions, need to be understood as interconnected.


August 2022

Running 'Discussing Climate Justice' Workshop at El Sueno Existe Festival, Machynlleth, Wales (on behalf of the Peace & Justice Project)

June 2022

Speaker - 'How ecological breakdown is gendered and the need for a feminist response' for JVL workshop: Ecological Breakdown - Responding to Injustice

May 2022

Post Covid launch of 'Gender, Intersectionality and Climate Institutions in Industrialised States' edited by Gunnhildur Lily Magnusdottir and Annica Kronsell, and setting the agenda for related projects, University of Malmo. Watch this space for future publications, research and exhibition.

May 2022

Discussant  - 'Transforming Economies of Care' at Centre for Alternatives to Social and Economic Inequalities, Lancaster University

March 2022

Speaker - 'Intersectional feminist perspectives on climate – past, present and future perspectives' for The Coordination for Gender Research at the University of Copenhagen seminar 'Climate, Intersectionality and Gender'

November 2021

Speaker - 'Sex and Gender in Environmental Research' for German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

June 2021

Discussant - 'New risks and old approaches, or vice versa? Interrogating gender and climate security rhetoric'  for IRDR Humanitarian Summit 2021: Interrogating changing risks, UCL

October 2020

Interviewed by Claudia Bruno for the Italian online journal 'In Genere' - Il clima visto da
una femminista

July 2020 - Gender and Environment

The completely revised 2nd edition of Gender and Environment was published. See Book publications page for more detail.

For more on each of these, please go to the News, Projects and Publications pages.

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